Last updated 29.10.14



Why we dont have a website!

All of our business has come over the years from recommendations and talking to people, finding out what they need and helping. Our old website brought nobody!


You are most likely to be looking at this website because youre checking up on us for due diligence. Weve been around for over a decade serving many happy customers and to be honest, having a great time ourselves in the process. If you want to check further there is always Companies House.


If, however, you would like to be the first internet generated customer in 12 years do please do get in contact. We would be very happy to talk.


What do we do?

With over 30 years of experience in the company the list would be too long but here are a few highlights.

      New Product Development

      Value Engineering

      NPD system implementation

      NPD Training

      Design Reviews

      Project Management

      Interim Management

      Non-exec technical directors

      Sustainable Engineering of many types

      Technical due diligence

      Project viability assessments

      Thermal Design

      Rapid prototyping

      Etc. If in doubt ask and we would sooner send you to

someone else than try to do something we cant


Contact us at;